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dodonovan's Journal

13th October, 2011. 8:31 pm. Maia has landed

Maia O'Donovan was born at 3:57 on 10/10/2011 3.5 weeks early. Mom and baby are home and healthy!!! Bye bye old life hello new life. I find it hard to set her down :)

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31st March, 2010. 11:10 am. Well

I have not posted in some time.

This has now been fixed.

That is all.

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11th March, 2009. 12:58 pm. I am obsessed

So yet another restroom post!

This is another one I cannot figure out,

Several times I have entered a stall only to see a 1/2 drunken cup (compostible cup!) of water on the floor next to the bowl.

Does the person just forget it when he leaves? (yuck!)

Does he only need it while he is in the restroom ?  Need for what? To replace lost fluids?
Why ?

Why ?

What?  Why ?

Current mood: confused.

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15th January, 2009. 2:48 pm. Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to be excited when you notice that a bathroom fixture in a work bathroom has been fixed?

(The little "thingy" to prevent the door from swinging both ways on a stall door)

Current mood: amused.

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6th January, 2009. 1:12 pm. Happy new year

Hope everybody had a good holiday season and 2009 doesn't suck quite as much as 2008

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20th October, 2008. 9:38 am. Do not underestimate this cat!

Author's Note: Last week, I posted a story about Homer, the youngest of my three cats, who I adopted when he was three weeks old.  He'd been abandoned at my vet's office; a severe eye infection had resulted in the surgical removal of both of his eyes, and nobody wanted to give him a home.

Homer is now a two-pound, (hyper) active 12-year-old.  I am currently writing a book about him entitled, Homer's Odyssey: Tales of an Eyeless Wondercat.  The following is a chapter-in-progress from the manuscript. 


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2nd September, 2008. 11:52 am. Great Song Challenge

So,  I want to get the most use of my Zune pass,

Please list your top five MUST have songs of all time, (snowcrab  - I already have Me and you and a dog named boo so don't name that one), any genre or year!

I will try and download the ones I don't have and give feedback in a few days!


Current mood: amused.

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25th August, 2008. 11:29 am. In the WTF category

From a email discussion alias talking about why people preferred the company only classified ads,


This is a typical response I get from Craig’s listers:
[She typed a long email to me in all caps and I told her that most people read that as shouting and she replied:]
It’s a silly idea that all caps means shouting. Also I work for the state and we only type in caps- I’ve been doing it for 15 years and it’s the government so it can’t be wrong.



I love this line, "it's the government so it can't be wrong",


paws up who trusts our state government now?  Once I heard they type in all Caps all my faith in them disappeared, I wonder if there is an official memo telling people to type in caps or was it just the governor's keyboard was broken and the caps lock key was stuck on (HAHA bet it was Governor Locke!) so everyvody just assumed that was the way to do it?



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18th August, 2008. 7:34 pm. GAAAAAA

Ponpoko will explain

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15th July, 2008. 1:56 pm. Freekibblekat



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